Welcome to the new-look Black Coffee website.

There’s an old saying that ‘the cobbler’s children go barefoot.’ The website was due a revamp. When one’s clients are always wanting their ‘shoes’ mending, there’s often too little time to mend one’s own.

Since I launched Black Coffee back in 2008 the communications industry has changed substantially. Once publishers and broadcasters were gatekeepers between businesses and their customers. These days businesses talk to them direct.

Over the last decade Black Coffee has increasingly focused on helping clients engage in those conversations and to turn them into relationships. Many of those clients are in the Nordics, a part of the world where English is spoken remarkably widely and generally very well.

It means that for many companies across Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, English is the primary language in which they communicate. However, if a business’s appeal is based on its expertise or the quality of its products and/or services, it can’t afford to use content that fails to live up to the standards of the rest of the business. Substandard content, marred by basic errors, or simply not very well written, can lead people to draw negative conclusions about the rest of the operation.

Content can come in many forms – it could be articles or blog posts about the company’s area of expertise. It could be white papers or case studies – the latter a highly effective B2B sales tool – it could be video or even a podcast.

What is has to be is worth the time it takes to read, watch or listen to it. These days there’s so much free content you’re not giving someone something for nothing, you’re asking them for their time. If you make them glad they said ‘yes’ to you they’ll come back for more.