Black Coffee works with a wide range of clients from global technology businesses to startups. We offer all our partners bespoke solutions tailored to their requirements.  Some prefer a packaged solution so their costs are predictable from the outset. Designed for SMEs with a turnover of up to €20M p.a. the packages below offer a clear plan for your communications activities and help manage your budgets.



  • Content management
  • Edit and refine 2 blog items
    (substitute newsletter/press release edit +€50 per item)
    (substitute white paper/case study/thought leadership edit +€100 per item)
  • Social media channel oversight
    (inc 12 updates)
  • PR support

Growth Business

  • Content creation
  • 1 blog post – c500 words
  • 1 newsletter/guest article*
  • 20 industry social media updates
  • 5 company updates
  • Influencer engagement
  • Ad optimisation
  • Email marketing support
  • Inbound Marketing optimisation**

Full Service
Content & PR

  • 1 press release/guest article
  • 1 blog post
  • 1 thought leadership piece/whitepaper/case study*
  • 20 industry social media updates
  • 5 company updates (£200)
  • Press engagement
  • 1 PR campaign – personal pitching
  • Email marketing support
  • Inbound Marketing optimisation**

Comms &

  • 2 blog posts
  • 2 press releases or guest articles
  • 1 newsletter
  • 1 marketing communication
  • 1 whitepaper/thought leadership piece/case study*
  • PR support & distribution assistance
  • 40 social media industry updates
  • company updates as needed
  • Influencer + press engagement
  • Community management
  • 1 PR campaign
  • Email marketing
  • Inbound Marketing optimisation**


Discovery Phase

We recommend that clients work with us on a brief discovery exercise to identify their business offering, values and the resulting messages. Typically, this consists of a half-day brainstorming session followed by a report that highlights all the aspects of the business that will shape not just the messaging but often the marketing and the product as well. The exercise encourages a business to look at itself with fresh eyes and almost always results in it realising it has overlooked strengths that can be leveraged in its messaging.

Bespoke solutions

Most of our clients prefer that we tailor a content marketing and PR solution to their precise needs. We can design a flexible roster of content and PR for a monthly budget that will ensure any business can engage clients through traditional and non-traditional channels.

* For extended pieces such as thought leadership articles, white papers and case studied the client will be expected to supply notes and background source material.

**Our inbound marketing optimization is platform agnostic.